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Simple Outdoor Patio Table

I’ve been busy trying to reconfigure our backyard and especially our patio area but there’s so much to do it was difficult to decided where to start. Finally I decided that we need a fairly good size outdoor table which I hope will help everything else fall into place in terms of making it more inviting. So here’s my sketchup plans of my Simple Outdoor Patio Table. I tried to keep the cuts to a minimum to keep this as simple as possible.

Simple Outdoor Patio Table-001

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Project: Wood Table For My Primo

Well I have been using my steel frame table for over a year now and since we have moved into our new home I feel it is time to construct my very own custom table. I need something practical, sturdy, movable and offer just a enough table top surface for my trays while grilling and some storage for my grill accessories. So I had been working on design concepts for sometime now and I completed one which offers all of the above. I still need to add the caster wheels to the left side legs which will make it easy to move. Here is my concept which you can download from Google Sketchup and add your own customization’s.

Primo Table Version 2-001

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Steel Frame Table for Primo Oval XL

I was fortunate enough to pick up a Primo Oval XL at a bargain of a price. Like many product specific accessories things can get pricy very quickly and purchasing a grill table specific for the Primo Oval XL was no different. Seeing that I was somewhat successful at piecing together a quick grill I figured I could brain storm a bit and design something myself.

Like before I had several concepts and decided to scout around to get further ideas for an all wood setup. Definitely glad that I did. Wondering through the isles of Lowe’s I stumble upon some steel frames (72″ H x 0″ W x 30″ D) and beams (48″ L). So I purchased two of the steel frames and six of the steel beams. They must have been on sale because at check-out the total cost for eight pieces was $40.79

I did notice that the steel frame looks slightly different from the photo they have on their website, not exactly sure but the part number matches.

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