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Drip Irrigation Setup

I thought I would share this in case anyone is interested in setting up a battery operated drip irrigation system. I put together this graphic to help pinpoint each component. It is really simple to do once you understand what components you need. Illustrated is the main portion of the drip system. This should help get you started!

Drip Irrigation

For a complete system you will need:

  • 3/4″ drip tubing
  • 1/4″ drip lines
  • barbs and goof plugs
  • connectors and holder stakes
  • other types of drippers depending on your irrigation needs

While you’re installing a drip system I would recommend adding a boogie brew inline water filter to help reduce/remove chlorine before it reaches your plants. If you use this link http://www.boogiebrew.net/gyg you’ll get a 40% discount off your purchase of the filter. I am a fan of John Kohler from Growing Your Greens and with his discount you can get the boogie brew water filter plus a 10 gallon compost tea all delivered for $44. That’s a great price. Take advantage while you can!

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Well I have been researching a lot more about gardening and built a raised bed, a vertical herb planter and have been relatively successful with it. I researched aquaponics for some time and have since picked up a 275 gallon “food grade” IBC tote which can and will double as a grow bed and a fish tank. 


As I was trolling through Lowe’s I found a 36″x24″x8″ HDPE mixing tub for just over $12 in the concrete section which I will turn into a grow bed. The volume is 6912 which is 4 cubic feet of grow space. It can hold roughly 30 gallons of water.


I also picked up a few couplings and other pvc pieces (some from the electrical dept and others from plumbing) to start the bell siphon but Home Depot seems to have more sizes available. I’ll piece together a part list fully detailed with part numbers and such to make it easier in case anyone is looking to start an aquaponics system with minimal funds. Well it is off to work on the bell siphon.

Happy Father’s day!

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Family Garden

We were given the opportunity to use and maintain a family plot which we jumped on immediately. On September 22nd we were assigned our lots and we went straight to work. We cleaned up all the weeds, setup the planting structures, added fertilizer with a little chicken poop and seeded. Exactly a week later we returned for some maintenance (weed pulling) and found that our cucumbers are beginning to grow. Nothing more exciting than to see your work coming to life. 

Here’s an interesting angle of the development.