Manual Rainwater Collection

Manual Rainwater Collection

What a beautiful way to start the day. The monsoon hit very well this morning and I scurried out to collect it. I was able to fill two 55 gallon containers within 20 mins. Unfortunately I have not finished the rain gutters so I had to do this manually. Turning and tilting the barrel to align the spout with the stream of the water. Believe you me, one gallon of water weighs approx. 8.34 pounds and at the rate the water was flowing these barrels got heavy quick. Approximately 458 pounds per barrel. Not to mention the rain completely flooded the backyard and softened up the ground quite a bit and that added another level of complexity when I had to move these back to where they were originally stored. Hopefully somewhere in the immediate future I will finally finalize a simple, easy on the eye water collection setup. Hope your day was a festive as ours!

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