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BBQ Help Hashtag Inception

I was thinking we should offer a twitter based help system by implementing a community monitored hashtag #bbqhelp. We can help each other by offering assistance to those in need or have questions about anything BBQ related. For example if you are looking to purchase a grill then you can post a question along the lines of:

“I’m looking to pick up an everyday grill. Any suggestions #bbqhelp”.

Then a member of the BBQ community can chime in and provide their feedback followed by the #bbqhelp hashtag. Like so:

“Hey @user I use a kettle style grill for my everyday meals since the portions are smaller, but for larger meals I use my smoker #bbqhelp”.

To give you some background about this idea I am essentially borrowing the concept from the SQL community which I am a part of. I am Database Administrator and I work with SQL Server everyday-all-day. I use the #sqlhelp hashtag to ask and answer sql server related questions. It really works. This is about people helping people from all over the world and from seasoned grill masters to newbies like myself.

It’s a great way to break the ice, help a fellow BBQ enthusiast and it serves as a great medium for networking and friendship building. What are your thoughts? Is this viable or a hassle?

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Joe Davidson’s Materials List

I’ve wanted to build a custom pit so I searched the web and found a video tutorial that pretty much walks you through the steps. I haven’t done it yet, but I most certainly will. The primary reason for this post is to provide the materials list that Joe Davidson ( mentioned in his video. Chances are he’s been busy so to help out here’s my little contribution.

Here’s the link to the pdf I put together: Custom Pit Materials Lists.pdf


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